The Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in 2019

It is simple. If you drive a car, you need car insurance. Car insurance is the key to ensuring that you save money if anything were to ever happen to your vehicle. No matter what state you live in, having good car insurance is vital if you don't want to risk having to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket for just a small premium every month. Plus, if you were to ever get into a car accident, your car insurance would protect you financially.

With this being said, not every car insurance is equal, and some insurance companies are better than others. For this, it is important that you choose the right car insurance so that you get whatever payment is fair to you. No one car insurance is the same as another, so pay attention to what each insurance company promises and can have in store for you.

Top5 Insurance Companies

To help you out on your hunt for the best car insurance that suits all of your specific needs, we have compiled a list of the best car insurance companies of 2019. This is based off of reports and claims so that you know what you are getting yourself into before you sign with any specific company. Below are the top car insurance companies in the United States that are great for a variety of reasons. The top five United States insurance companies are as follows:

1. Amica Mutual Car Insurance

Amica Mutual Car Insurance

Amica is ranked #1 for the top car insurance company of 2019 and for good reason. They are highly rated, are very financially stable, and have a wide array of options for coverage. According to the J.D. Power customer satisfaction report of the 2019 year, they are the highest rated car insurance firm. It has been high in the car insurance ranks since back in 1999 and doesn't seem to be coming down anytime soon.

Pros of Amica

  • They are ranked among the highest according to a variety of reports and resources. People who have worked with Amica report very little problems with their car insurance and claim they are very satisfied with what Amica has done for them.
  • According to A.M. Best, Amica has an A+ in financial stability which is one of the highest rankings that a car insurance company can receive.
  • Amica does not restrict its customers to any specific body shop for car repairs. This is an uncommon trait for car insurance companies.
  • They also offer an insurance coverage plan known as Platinum Choice which is more expensive but also covers a lot of the bases that need to be covered.
  • Amica has a wide variety of coverage options available so you can choose the one that is best for you.

Cons of Amica

  • Amica does not have as many driver discount options as other car insurance companies do.
  • They do not do well in online resources besides having a simple FAQ page.

2. State Farm Car Insurance

State  Farm Car Insurance

State Farm is ranked as the biggest car insurance company across the nation as well as being known for one of the top rankings. They have a great reputation in customer service and handle claims like none other. State Farm car insurance has a high rating and for good reason.

Pros of State Farm

  • State Farm makes the claim handling process easy and fast and is proven to be so through their high ranking in services. They have an amazing mobile app that makes it much easier for their customers to file claims.
  • According to A.M. Best, they have an A++ standing which is the highest rating that an insurance company can receive.
  • With their mobile app, State Farm makes it easy for customers to get quotes immediately rather than waiting for a long time. It will also provide you with recommended coverage options, making it easier for you to narrow your choices.

Cons of State Farm

  • State Farm does not have all of the driver discounts that other car insurance companies have, thus putting it in the same position as Amica. They do not offer the common pay-in-full discount of the automatic-pay discount.
  • State Farm also does not have as many coverage options, especially when it comes to stacked uninsured motorist or replacements for new cars.

3. Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive  Car Insurance

Progressive, like State Farm, is among the largest insurance companies in the United States. It ranks fourth in largest and is ranked very high in satisfaction due to its variety of discounts and specialty coverage options. One of their most popular elements is known as the Snapshot Tool which allows drivers to get a discounted rate based off of their driving habits and how safe they have driven.

Pros of Progressive

  • Pet owners across the country love that Progressive offers coverage for any pet injuries that may result from a car accident through offering to pay your vet bills (within a certain limit).
  • Almost every customer that works with Progressive will receive at least one discount, if not more. You can receive a quote from them to see what you qualify for.
  • Though Progressive isn’t ranked as high as State Farm in good experiences from customers, they are still ranked very high. They are good at simplifying the process and communicating with all of their customers.

Cons of Progressive

  • Progressive’s downfall is that it is not as highly ranked in policy prices of customer service as other car insurance companies are, thus making them have some room to improve.

4. The Hartford Car Insurance

The  Hartford Car Insurance

The Hartford is not nearly as large as Progressive or State Farm coming in at 11 th in size in the United States, but they did receive the highest score possible in the 12-category evaluation. They offer a large array of options for policies as well as benefits, so they are still one of the top car insurance companies in the country.

Pros of The Hartford

  • With their mechanical breakdown coverage, The Hartford will help to cover you from anything that isn’t typically covered by your warranty. They are the only insurance company on this list to have this specific feature.
  • Not only does The Hartford have a variety of coverage options, but they also have a lot of benefits offered to their customers such as the towing and roadside programs for those who travel a lot.
  • They are one of the two U.S. Insurance providers to receive the “Overall Purchase Experience” perfect score from J.D. Power.

Cons of The Hartford

  • Though The Hartford got a perfect score for their claims management, they don’t have the highest score for customer satisfaction.
  • The Hartford does not have many online resources for their customers, so it makes it harder for customers to find information and answers.

5. Geico Car Insurance

Geico  Car Insurance

Everyone has seen at least one Geico commercial in their lives. The little green gecko is always on our T.V. screens telling us about how amazing Geico car insurance is, and they certainly live up to their reputation. They are the 2 nd largest car insurance company in the United States and are known for their high ratings in promptness, courtesy, and timeliness.

Pros of Geico

  • Like State Farm, Geico also has an amazing mobile app. Their app offers their customers the ability to do a variety of things such as to receive quotes, manage your insurance, pay your bills, and much more.

  • Geico offers a variety of discounts for its customers regarding equipment, history of driving, and multiple vehicles.

Cons of Geico

  • One downfall to Geico is that they do not offer guaranteed asset protection insurance otherwise known as GAP. GAP is helpful to customers since it pays off your auto loan if you wreck your car when it is still worth less than you owe.
  • Geico does not do much interaction with customers over the phone. Most of the time, interactions with Geico will be done through digital platforms which can be a downfall for a lot of customers.


In the end, there are so many car insurance companies to choose from in the United States that it can be hard to wade through them all to choose the best. Car insurance is so important to have that is crucial to ensure that you have the best car insurance to represent you.

Everyone with a car should have car insurance to protect them from paying additional costs or more than they need to. In the United States, the top five car insurance companies are narrowed down to Amica, State Farm, Progressive, The Hartford, and Geico. They all their pros and cons, but they are ranked among the highest out of all of the insurance companies.

No matter which of the five-car insurance companies you choose from, they are all great for different reasons. It is all about narrowing down the pros and cons and what is offered with each insurance company to find the one that works best for you.