10 Best Cars for Women in the United States

Cars have formed a basis of our existence these days in terms of a quick means of commute. Knowing how to drive is a skill everyone wants to know when they turn the right age. Driving for women has been a recent advancement in comparison with men and there are more women coming forward to drive cars in recent times. The growth of Women in the Driver’s seat is so rapid that they have very recently outnumbered the number of male drivers with Licence as of the latest statistics. This change in the number of female drivers has set the industries to turn their radars towards providing more comfort to the female drivers. The cars that are being released these days in the United States especially have tried to keep the women in mind while designing the cars. While most of the cars are good for anyone to drive, there are some cars that give a better grip and comfort to the female drivers as compared to male drivers. Read along to find out which those cars are and how they add value to the female on the Driver’s seat.
1. Hyundai Tucson


This car gets the highest number of inquiries from women, the priority reason is because of the elegant and stylish look that keeps improving with the release of every new model that is let out in the market. The range of classy colors is the icing on the cake over the attractive body of the car. Next to the availability of the Cargo room that becomes convenient for women who naturally have a lot of things to carry. This one of the industries top rated cars when it comes to safety since that is the most important concern to address for a woman driving a car. It comes with great safety and reliability measures and is compact, stylish and most of all affordable, with an average price of $16,722.
2. Nissan Versa


If you are old school and you love the basics, then this is just the car for you, this car is very compact and elegant, very handy for parking and spacing. It is built with parking and ease of usage in mind. Especially good if this is your first vehicle and you’ve just begun learning how to drive. It is built on intelligent mobility and the latest hybrid engine technology that offers to save more fuel. The safety feature is infused with Intelligent technology that keeps you safe on all the 360 degrees of the car. Some noteworthy features are the automatic brakes that work as soon as a pedestrian is detected. Blindspot warning. It has the average pricing of about $16,000.
3. Volkswagen Beetle


If you want to look different on the road, with a car that stands out amongst all the similarly styled Vehicle then Volkswagen Beetle is something you should consider. This comes with a sleek body that has a very classic, retro look. This car does not occupy much space either with the compact three-door body and quite a spacious rear compartment. This is especially great if you want a car for solo use. The compact body seems like it is built for that very purpose, and the pricing is also done accordingly. It has been very convenient for women drivers and because of automatic climate controls. It comes with an average price of $18,179
4. Kia Forte


If you want to drive a classy car with classy elegant designs but within the budget range, then this is the car you should be looking at. It has all the high-end features like compatibility and integration with mobile phones both apple and android, which is not offered by many of the cars. It has a sleek, slender design with excellent interiors. This car has been designed to give you more comfort on the interiors alongside the lavish-looking exteriors. There is an excellent safety facility with top-notch tech involved. The connectivity for all devices is excellent. It has an on-road average price of about $17,790.
5. Ford Fiesta


If you are someone who likes to have a range of color options to choose from, then this is the car for you. Not just on the exteriors but also on the interiors, you have a range of color options to select from. The seats have leather cut designs to select from. The rear seats have a large legroom capacity and comfortable spacing for family and kids. The cargo space is sufficiently good with a 24.4 cu.ft. This car is made to save fuel and gives excellent mileage on the road. It is the smartest car that you will find that with an overall smart technology. It is also a safe car for women. It has an on-road price of $13,237.
6. Kia Sorento


This car is built to be tough on roads. If you are a driving enthusiast who is also concerned about your safety then this is the car for you. This car is built on the concept of concern that comes first for the passenger. The AC systems are fit to adjust automatically. The cool part is that this car has retractable sunshades. It is built to cater to your needs to let in the right amount of sunlight and breeze into your car. It has great connectivity and tracking abilities with all the android and Apple devices along with wireless charging ports. It is the perfect car for family adventures with its well-built steel body and safety for children on road. The average price is around $18,668
7. Jeep Patriot


This car seems like an expensive SUV on the road but the surprising part is that it is unusually affordable. For women who are concerned about keeping their cars clean and neat, this car provides an easy to clean cabin space. This car is perfect for adventurous off-roading abilities while it also meets the safety features of the family with multiple airbags. It is the most eye-catching car on road with the classy look of the Jeep. It works on front-wheel driving which is the eye-catching feature of any car. The car has a starting price of $19,035.
8. Mitsubishi Outlander


The car for you to drive comfortably on the road and enjoy a lavish time with your family is Mitsubishi Outlander. The smartphone integration is extremely well done in the latest model. It offers a comfortable three-wheel drive. It has wonderful fuel efficacy technology. The acceleration technology is quite noteworthy since it is fast and happens in a jiffy. The stability of the vehicle has been focussed on in this particular model it ensures no skidding. Perfect car for a lavish off-roading drive with safety features built into the vehicle. The speed is also amazing due to its aerodynamic design. The sunroof is built on anti-sunlight trapping technology adding to your comfort and design. The hill start rolling prevents you from rolling back when the car is on a hill it also comes with an electric parking brake. The interiors are also well built catering to classy design and safety. The audio systems are a feature that you will love in this car. The average price is around $15,173.
9. Kia Rio


This car is a fun-to-drive car. the car is again compact yet very comfortable, stylish, slender and sleek. The performance of this car has been commendable. It has a lively 4- cylinder engine that focuses on fuel efficiency and speed enhancement of the car. The car is modeled with aerodynamic precision that ensures a 360-degree safety feature along with it. The eye-catching LED lights make it stand out in the crowd and is something that you should look out for. The screen display inside the cabin comes with a 7 color facility while you can take a seat back and relax in the spacious interiors of this car model both in the front as well as the rear end of the car. It comes updated with the latest technology that has connectivity with all the mobile devices. It comes with an inbuilt driver assist technology which is just icing on the cake. The price of the car averages at $15, 390.
10. Kia Soul


This is a completely redesigned model with high- end classy interiors as well as exteriors. The greatest feature of this car is its adaptability. This car too is completely unique on-road with revamped interior and exterior designing. It has created a signature look for itself on the road. It has excellent engine capabilities and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The LED lights in this model are eye-catchy and elegant in this car as well. Another perfect car for off-roading adventures while with the family since this car has been modeled to cater to both the needs of safety and adventure. The interiors just making driving all the more adventurous and fun with flexibility and adaptability in the seating and storage areas. A perfect car that has an average price of $17, 490