Top-10 machines that owners do not want to part with.

Top-10 machines that owners do not want to part with.

10. Audi TT

It opens the rating of cars with which the owners do not hurry to leave, it is Audi TT. On average, those who bought this new car, parted with it only after 8.8 years.
And this - despite the fact that the Audi brand showed average results in the study of the quality of J.D. Power cars. However, the reason for the popularity of TT is that,
it is a sports model, the design of which is very slowly becoming obsolete. Therefore, many owners prefer to ride this model a little longer.

9. Toyota 4Runner

An example of another approach to the a seven-seater offroadster Toyota 4Runner car can serve. The owners act in exactly same manner as Audi TT owners, and sell the car only 8.8
years after the purchase. The difference is only that Toyota 4Runner owner commonly is a family man, who also travels for long distances. Therefore, it is simply inconvenient to
change a car often. And if you add reliability (In 2016, Toyota 4Runner got one of the higher grades for quality in the rating of J.D. Power), it becomes clear why the offroadster
"lives" with the first owners so long.

8. Toyota Avalon

The large Japanese sedan Toyota Avalon is also present in the list of cars with which the owners are not in a hurry to leave. This is due not only to the reliability and prestige
of this car, but also to the fact that over time the car falls in price more slowly than others. For example, according to the agency Kelley Blue Book, the car in 2017 ranks
second after Nissan Maxima to preserve the residual value in the segment of non-full-size full-size sedans. For example, in three years with the sale of Toyota Avalon, the owner
can get 41% of the original cost, which is quite a lot by world standards. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that this sedan remains in the garage of buyers for more than 8 years.

7. Chevrolet Corvette

Exactly the same result as Audi TT, Toyota 4Runner, and Toyota Avalon, demonstrated another car – Chevrolet Corvette. As in the case of the above machines, Corvette owners sell them
an average of 8.8 years. Not in the least, the cult status of this model influences such a result. First, the Corvette has a high residual value. For example, according to Kelley Blue Book,
three years after the purchase, the owner can earn up to 51.1% of the original price of the car. Secondly, you can be sure that the age of this model does not exactly harm, and in the more
distant future, any Corvette generally turns into a very cool legend.

6. Toyota Sequoia

Another offroadster that is bought for large families and long runs is Toyota Sequoia. On average, the owners of this car sell it only 8.9 years after the purchase.
This indicator is explained not only by the capacity of the car, but also by its reliability. For example, in 2016, J.D. Power ranked Sequoia to cars with the least amount
of breakages detected within the first 90 days. And in the rating of the residual value of Kelley Blue Book this off-road vehicle took the third place in the corresponding category.
For example, in five years, Toyota Sequoia can be sold for 40% of the original cost. Is it any wonder that many owners are exploiting the car to the last?

5. Ford Explorer

But Ford Explorer did not show any especial achievements relating reliability, nor high residual value. Nevertheless, on average, after buying the car is used for 8.9 years.
What is the reason? It is very simple. This model presents in the list of the most popular in the United States. Therefore, the owners simply do not see the reason to sell a
car that has such a good combination of price / quality. For example, prices for Ford Explorer in the US start at USD 31,660 mark.

4. Mercedes-Benz SLK/SLC

The only representative of the brand Mercedes-Benz in the rating of new cars with the most "loyal" owners was the roadster SLK, replaced the name with SLC in 2016.
Why the owners of this car sell it only 9 years after the purchase, it is easy to understand. Firstly, it is a car of the prestigious German brand, which depreciates much less
than others. Secondly, the car has excellent dynamic characteristics. Finally and thirdly, Mercedes-Benz SLK / SLC - a car with a convertible top, which after 9 years will still look great on the road.

3. Ford Expedition

It opens the top three cars that the owners sell at the very last turn, the Ford Expedition offroadster. On average, the buyer of the new Expedition sells it in 9 years, but the
model was a step above the Mercedes-Benz SLK / SLC due to its higher prevalence. Generally speaking, Ford Expedition is chosen for the same reasons as Toyota Sequoia - because of
the combination of size, power of the car, and the presence of a third row of seats. However, unlike Toyota Sequoia, the main trump card of Expedition is the price / quality ratio,
which resonates with many US residents.

2. Porsche Boxster

The sport Porsche Boxster received "silver" award in the rating of cars, with the longest tenure after purchase. On average, this car is sold only 9.9 years after the acquisition.
Of course, we are talking about new machines, but these data are indicative. Given that the parameter of "loyalty" of Porsche owners is much higher than many popular models.
Why on the second place was Boxster, instead of 911? Most likely, a factor combination played a great role. Firstly, this model is one of the most accostable in the Porsche series.
Secondly, this is a roadster, which, we repeat, does not lose its external appeal with time. Well, and thirdly, we are talking about a premium model. As you know, Porsche cars have
a high residual value, so there is simply no reason to get rid of them quickly.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Well, the winner of the rating of cars with the most loyal first owners is Toyota Land Cruiser. This offroadster is loved both in the US and in Europe, and it is absolutely clear why.
There are both the impressive size, and power, and reliability, and moderate cost as compared to the competitors. Also Toyota Land Cruiser has a high residual value. For example,
according to Kelley Blue Book, the Japanese offroadster loses much less in the price than the Cadillac Escalade, the Lincoln Navigator and even the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz
G-class over the years. Therefore it is not surprising that people who bought a new Land Cruiser, sell it on average 10.6 years after the acquisition.